Lydian™: Brand Safety & Blockchain

Brand safety is a strategy to ensure that brands do not appear on or in websites, videos or articles that may conflict with the it's image, mission or goals. For example, an airline would not want it's ad placed in an article that talks about consumers blogging dissatisfaction of that airline. It is paramount to align the sales values and mission of the company when ads are placed across the digital web. As we have seen in the recent past, one erroneously placed ad can ruin the brand's reputation.

Advertisers repeatedly seek to understand their budget spent and the placement transparency. They want deeper understanding of the programmatic challenges such as the: hidden fees, fraud, viewability and brand safety. It is not that such information does not exists. Rather, it is because the agencies or the publishers or the ad serving platforms restrict sharing this information, which is essential to stop the brands throwing their money into a black hole.

Blockchain has the power to address some of ad tech's most pressing challenges and address ways to penetrate the programmatic private marketplaces. By recording transactions in a way that is trusted and tamper-proof, blockchain presents opportunities to reduce fraud and simplify the digital supply chain. It is a revolutionary technology that would bring great prospective for the digital marketing sector. It is a technology that underpins the shift to a more transparent and positive alliance.

It also aims to solve the need for anonymity and trust by recording accurate, real-time information about the content people consume and their brand engagement across multiple platforms. By employing this technology on to the digital marketing sector, it represents the next generation of secured and transparent transactions, enabling permissioned parties to access data in real time. With digital marketing set to become increasingly data-driven, now is the time to reconsider your digital brand strategies, as well as the evaluating the upcoming technology trends.

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