Lydian™: Directed Acyclic Graph & Product Testing Overview

The purpose of this newsletter is to highlight the product development process for the projects under research and development by the Lydian™ team. As stated in the past communication outreach, the focus of the Lydian™ is to explore blockchain beyond its current capacity, to combat the ad fraud, and cut to out the middleman; thereby enabling the brands to buy directly from the publishers and content providers.

The two critical aspects of the blockchain that hamper any quick product development are to overcome the scale of the volume and speed. While there are a few blockchain-based technologies that claim to tackle the challenges posed by providing high transaction volume while remaining inexpensive, these product claims have been met with little success. Another challenge faced in the development of the advertising solutions is to overcome the lack of trust between unknown parties, which more than often leads to countless chargebacks and fraudulent over counting of the impression by various ad servers. These are a few critical variables that must be solved thoroughly before bringing any ad based product into a live test phase.

To combat this, Lydian™ team has been focused on developing its product on the directed acyclic graphs (DAG), which is a distributed ledger that goes beyond the blockchain. DAG gets rid of the blockchain's limitation of speed, and scalability because there are no "blocks" or the "chains". It is different from the blockchain framework, such that not every node needs to reach consensus with every other node at each block. Thus, making it powerful and flexible for the digital advertising sector. This is an immensely important factor to address when tackling the scalability issue of recording millions of transactions within a nanosecond, as required by the available volume of impressions across various demand-side platforms.

Our developers also have been mindful to the various conventional blockchain methods proposed that can be inflated with layers of added complexities in order to push the limits of scalability issue. However, we have come to find out these proposed methods do not address the level of satisfaction we aim to achieve while producing solutions for our brands and our clients.

It is also important to take a minute and highlight our critical threshold processes for product testing. For team Lydian™, each product launch is our commitment to excellence. Our team has been testing the scalability of host of different methods using our current advertising infrastructure. Some methods have produced favorable results, while others have produced data to test scalability issues differently. An alpha testbed is critical for the product's scale to ensure product is set up successfully to address and achieve global adoption. Therefore, our internal test measures must exceed the minimal viable product requirements for scale and undergo regression testing before it is market test ready. Our team will not release a product that is half baked or has not passed our internal quality assurance. Our QA team believes 'behind every great developer is an even greater Quality Assurance engineer'. We at, product marketing, agree both are critical and important to the overall success of the product launch. While a developer's job is to create the product, a QA's role is to break down the product, analyze it, find the broken pieces, and provide critical product feedback so the product can be improved or fixed of any hidden flaws. Therefore, as we gear to test partners for DAG, it is critical the QA team gives their blessing for advanced product testing.

We hope this newsletter provides a bird's eye-view of our time-tested processes that our teams follow to launch successful products. Our brand marketers expect a high quality and consistent experience across all our products. Unlike other blockchain projects that rush to deliver a product that may not have longevity, our team takes pride to ensure the time and the investment contributed to every product has a meaningful impact to both the company and the ecosystem. As our team continues to make progress with its internal alpha testing, we look forward to announcing our lined up beta-tester clients. Like us, our line-up partners, too, are excited to test ways in which Lydian™'s MonaChain™ can drive additional revenue and would ensure there is reporting transparency for the brands. We look forward to keeping you updated as we make progress with our product development.

Team Lydian™

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