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ESFaucet Review - Is It A Scam? Or Legit?

Published on

October 25, 2021
Read Time:7 Minute, 39 Second

Rating: 3,50
Operator: Euryalos Studios
Country: Canada Canada
Language: English
Start: 2019
Ref-Commision: 1 level (20%)
Micro Wallet: Faucetpay
Claim Time (in min): 30 min.
Earnings: Middle
Captcha: Yes
Payout: automatically
Payout-Limit: depends on the cryptocurrency
Currencies: Bitcoin Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash, Dash Dash, Doge Doge, Ethereum Ethereum,
Litecoin Litecoin, Ripple Ripple, Stellar Stellar, Tron Tron, Zcash Zcash


What is an ESFaucet Bitcoin Faucet?

An ESFaucet Bitcoin Faucet is a website that allows you to claim small amounts of bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) for free. You can do this by either solving captchas or completing other simple tasks.


How to Get Started with Your First Claim on the ESFaucet?

In this article, we will show you how to get started with your first claim on the ESFaucet.

First, you need to sign up with a wallet provider. We recommend starting with Coinbase or Blockchain because they have been around for a while and have stellar customer service.

Next, sign in to your wallet provider to authorize a withdrawal request from your account. This request will be sent to the Esfaucet and processed automatically when it is approved by them.
If you are using Blockchain, you can use their website or mobile app for this step. If you are using Coinbase, then log into their website or use their mobile app to make the withdrawal request from there.

Once the withdrawal is approved by Esfaucet, it will take about 1-2 days

The website PTCO.BTCNewz provides a Faucet as well as other ways to earn Cryptocurrency. First and foremost, the site's design is unique. Whether you like it or not. The website is a complete shambles, and I still have no idea how it works. If you sign up, you may earn Bitcoins by watching advertisements. There's also a Dashboard and other features, but the navigation is terrible. However, if you visit their website es.btcnewz.com, you will find a different Dashboard with more ways to earn Bitcoin. It's a strange system, and I'm not sure why they created it this way, but it's quite difficult to browse and locate things.

The proprietor of the faucet and all of the cryptocurrency projects appears to be from Canada; the company's name is Euryalos Studios - indie/arcade game development. It was established in 2019. At least, that's what we discovered when doing study. And it appears that they have been compensating users from the faucet's inception.

It also displays far too many advertisements while in use. When you click something, pop-ups, videos, and other obnoxious advertisements appear. ESFaucet takes some getting used to; it is quite intricate and difficult to grasp, especially for novices. Similar initiatives, such as Firefaucet and Coinpot, are a step ahead of ESFaucet.

ESFaucet / PTCO.BTCNewz Bitcoin Earnings

To begin with, you can claim a variety of cryptocurrencies from their Faucet. Aside from that, you can also claim, and a slew of others. ES-Coins can also be claimed. It is a Token that can be used to purchase various bonuses on the ES-Faucets. It is NOT a type of cryptocurrency. The easiest method to learn how to utilise ES Coins is to watch a well-produced video. It's strange since the video is excellent and properly produced, yet it's the polar opposite of the site. If you prefer to read rather than watch the video regarding ES Coins, you should consult their FAQ.

What exactly is EsCoin?

Their Faucet pays little and is difficult to use. Because there are so many advertising, it's difficult to identify the relevant "Click me" button (you have to scroll down), because some adverts feature "Click me" buttons as well.

Aside from the Faucet, you may also earn Bitcoin by clicking on their Paid to Click adverts. The money is reasonable, and the advantage is that you don't have to keep the ad in focus. That implies you can do other things in the meantime. The major disadvantage is that you must complete an obnoxious captcha after each ad. That takes a long time and makes it difficult to complete.

The withdrawal minimum for Bitcoin is just 11000 Satoshis, which is fantastic. You will not be charged a fee if you send money to Coinbase. Faucetpay charges a 10% cost, Express Crypto charges a 5% fee, and another Bitcoin wallet charges a fee of 25000 Satoshis. That is ludicrous, and if you decide to utilise PTCO.BTCNewz, you must use Coinbase, otherwise you will lose much too much money when withdrawing.

Upgrades may be purchased using ES Coins.

Earnings are minimal, but you can improve them with ES Coins. In their marketplace, you may purchase a variety of items. For example, you may disable Pop Ups and other obnoxious advertisements for a day. To be honest, that is really stupid. You must utilise their website with these really obnoxious adverts to earn ES Coins in order to eliminate parts of the advertising for a day in order to gain additional ES Coins and a few Bitcoin. That's a ridiculous idea. Of course, advertising are necessary for Faucets to thrive, but if you can't use the site properly because you're constantly interrupted by Pop Ups or Video Overlays, it's just not pleasant to use.

Other Upgrades are available, although they aren't really worth your time. Simply claim Bitcoins and other Cryptos if you utilise ESFaucet.

They also have several additional websites, although none of them are really noteworthy. According to their Facebook profile, the firm behind ESFaucet / PTCO-BTCNewz is named Euryalos Studios, and they claim to be a tiny indie gaming and software development company. The only thing they have going for them is their YouTube channel. Some of their films are quite beautifully created, and the voices they utilise are very pleasant. Some other videos, on the other hand, are extremely difficult to see since the background music is nearly as loud as the speech. We have no clue why the quality of their films varies so much, but if you want to learn more about Bitcoin, check out their YouTube page.

Login to ESFAUCET To Modify your membership status

You may also modify your membership status on ESFaucet for an additional fee. There are a total of seven levels, ranging from free through gold to onyx. For example, while "claiming," each level provides a greater benefit. We don't advocate it; it's only worthwhile if you have large accounts with a large number of referrals; you don't need it on a small scale. Above all, there is always the risk that a website may no longer be available tomorrow, in which case you would have lost everything. As a result, be cautious of premium subscriptions; we normally advise against them.

Earnings Increase...

There are various methods to earn ES-Coins and other cryptocurrencies on ESFaucet.

Is a referral programme available?

Of course, ESFaucet has something to give if you recommend individuals to them. Every claim referred by you earns you a 20% commission. Your referral does not earn less; instead, you receive it as a bonus from ESFaucet. If you wish to promote them on your blog, they also have some banner advertisements available. Some of these advertisements are quite well-crafted and visually appealing.

You may also promote yourself.

ES Faucets, like most Faucet scripts, allows you to promote yourself. You may either pay something in or spend your accrued credit. You can book Impression Ads, Paid To Clicks, and Youtube Videos using ESFaucet. But be aware that if you don't understand the guidelines ahead of time, certain stuff may not be marketed, which we also think is a good thing.

ESFaucet FAQs

How often does ESFaucet payout?

ESFaucet pays out rewards in 26 cycles:

  1. You receive a reward in cycle 1 and for the following 25 cycles, you accumulate more and more rewards
  2. The 26th cycle, your accumulated rewards are paid out to you as one lump sum
  3. On the 27th cycle, the process starts all over again

Conclusion About ESFaucet and Claiming Free Bitcoins

In this guide, we have discussed the importance of ESFaucet and how one can claim free bitcoins by using it. We hope that the information provided has been beneficial and has given you a good idea about ESFautcin and claiming free bitcoins.

Our Verdict on ESFaucet / PTCO.BTCNewz

ESFaucet is not a time waster. Earnings are low to medium, the site is very ad-filled, and it is difficult to use. It does not feel like fun to claim from their Faucet, and the earnings are far too modest. But everything is operational; they have paid out users over the previous two years (we observed several payment proofs on various web sites), thus we believe it is safe to utilise ESFaucet / PTCO.BTCNewz.

The proprietors appear to be game and software developers, and while I cannot say whether they are skilled at their jobs, it is evident that they are not good at webdesign. Their YouTube channel demonstrates that they are capable of producing high-quality videos, and they should continue to do so. Currently, their Crypto Faucet appears to have been developed with little regard for usability.

ESFaucet / BTCNewz.com Marketing Video | Earn Bitcoin Online (2019 Working)

ESFaucet Payment Proof

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Last Updated : October 25, 2021
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