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Has Martin Lewis ever invested in Bitcoin?

Published on

October 27, 2021

Martin Lewis is well-known as a financial expert. He is a businessman from the United Kingdom who founded the famed Money Saving Expert website. He is also a well-known campaigning journalist, TV and radio broadcaster, newspaper columnist, charity founder, and author who has received several honours. Martin Lewis has been giving his customers exceptional financial guidance, particularly in the area of conserving money.

He studied government and law at the London School of Economics before transferring to Cardiff University to pursue broadcast journalism. After graduating, he took a job as a producer for BBC Radio Five Live. Since then, the finance journalist has appeared as a money expert on a variety of television shows.

Martin's recent bitcoin purchases and several cryptocurrency endorsements may have piqued your interest on the internet and social media. So we decided to investigate his cryptocurrency investments and sponsorships further to discover whether such allegations were accurate.

How Did Martin Lewis Gain Notoriety?

Martin says he rose to popularity in 2003 after launching the Money Saving Expert website. His competent financial advise immediately travelled over the world via the media and social media. His website has also received several honours. According to the New York Times, the website was designated one of the "ten that startle with pure brilliance or inspired rich media." Martin's reputation grew quickly, and he was soon asked to provide professional financial advise on a variety of talk shows.

In which TV shows has Martin Lewis appeared?

Martin Lewis is a British technology and personal finance journalist, television presenter and author. He has appeared on the BBC TV show The Martin Lewis Money Show and ITV's The Martin Lewis Money Show. He also presented the Channel 5 programme Extraordinary People: My Life with Autism in 2007. Lewis has been on more variety of daytime television shows and has even made his own. He has co-hosted The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV with Saira Khan of Loose Women since 2012. He has also been frequently on It Pays to Watch! Tonight, Watchdog, Good Morning Britain, and Lorraine.

So, what is Martin's wealth's net worth?

The Guardian reported that Martin Lewis had invested in Bitcoin. The article was based on a tweet from the presenter of Radio 4’s Moneybox programme. The tweet said: “Bitcoin has gone up another $1000 in the past week, this is getting silly. I've just bought £10,000 worth of Bitcoin because it's easier than buying shares”.

However, Martin Lewis tweeted to deny the report and said he had only invested in bitcoin through his online platform, MoolaPupa. Despite his denial, many people were unconvinced and were continuing to believe that he was invested in bitcoin because of that very Tweet.

Martin Lewis' net worth was never really officially shared but he was ranked in UK's 25 Richest Self-Made Under-35s by the Sunday Times Rich List 2018. According to the Sunday Times Rich List, he is worth £128 million. Lewis reportedly sold MoneySavingExpert.com to Moneysypermarket.com for £87 million in 2012. Lewis got around £60 million in cash and stock. Lewis is claimed to own a £17.1 million stake in the firm and to have made more than £44 million in delayed payments and share sales.

Has Martin Lewis invested in Bitcoin?

Martin Lewis is said to have spent £250 on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. According to some reports, Martin has earned a significant profit from his investments and appears to be pleased with how cryptocurrencies have performed. We are unable to verify these accusations since Lewis has openly rejected such rumours and taken to Twitter to express his anger with the inaccuracy of such news.

How Come There Have Been So Many False Reports In The Media?

Lewis has alleged that fraudsters have used his well-known image in phoney Bitcoin adverts. Affiliate marketers often employ this method to boost the amount of views or traffic to a given website. Celebrities are typical targets for these types of frauds since they have a vast fan base and any affiliation with them would increase the credibility of a certain product or service.

Should You Invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has grown in popularity since its launch in 2009. Various types of studies have demonstrated that, in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, Millennials and younger investors, in particular, have become increasingly skeptical of traditional financial service providers and banks. According to research, at least 40% of these millennials have shown an interest in investing in cryptocurrencies in the future.

Although it may seem simpler for novice investors to acquire digital assets at the present, there are a few important factors to consider before entering the cryptocurrency market. These factors include risk, security, and the necessity of an investor’s knowledge.

Last Updated : October 27, 2021

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