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Review Process By Lydian.io

Lydian provides objective and impartial reviews of global forex brokers and Bitcoin robots. Here's how we evaluate brokers:

We evaluate brokers using multiple criteria, such as types of investments, platforms and tools, fees and commissions, trust scores and availability of customer support, research and education and ease of use. After each parameter has been assessed, we present reviews based upon the broker's total weightage.

Based on the characteristics of the brokers they review, our reviewers offer their opinions. As Lydian's reviewers are experts on the brokers, you can rely on us. The traders are the ones who make the final decision. If traders feel that any broker is able to meet their goals by looking at its features, they should consider pursuing it.

Lydian strives to give our readers reliable information about trading platforms and robots. Our reviews are independent and impartial. We do not have any relationships with clients. Every statistic we give is backed by reliable sources. They are based on facts and figures as well as general impressions of the financial products that were reviewed.

Review Process for Forex Brokers

You will find many forex brokers when you search any search engine. It can be difficult to choose the right one among so many forex brokers. For success in foreign currency markets, it is important to trade with reliable forex brokers. Every forex trader or investor might have unique needs regarding the brokerage's research tools or the platform itself. This information can only be obtained through a thorough review.

Lydian provides all the latest information on forex brokers. Each forex broker has pros and cons. Lydian weighs the pros and cons of each forex broker and assigns weightage to each.

Lydian grants reviewers editorial autonomy. This is essential for honest reviews and fair opinions about forex brokers. Our reviewers complete a questionnaire to learn more about the broker, including their benefits, features, trading tools, etc. Before we evaluate any broker, they fill out a detailed questionnaire.

Brokers regulated by the country's financial regulator must repay clients for any mishaps. When choosing the right broker, it is important to know what safety services a broker offers. Lydian is a great example of this. We give detailed information on the brokers' regulatory licenses and the different ways they provide additional protection for our clients.

After receiving all the details from the broker's representative, our independent analysts evaluate each feature using different parameters and give us our opinion.

We have listed the top forex brokers worldwide on our website. You can find all the details and see where they excel. Lydian provides a comprehensive review of forex brokers.

Bitcoin Robots Review Process

The role of cryptocurrency trading robots is pivotal in the rapidly-emerging cryptocurrency markets. The cryptocurrency market is just like the stock market. Therefore, traders must be vigilant about what's happening in this market. Any mistake they make can lead to a huge loss in profits. This is where cryptocurrency trading bots can help traders to respond to volatile cryptocurrency markets; the bitcoin robot is one such cryptocurrency trading robot.

Lydian has listed the top bitcoin robots. Each one has been reviewed and we have listed their respective pros and cons. Lydian allows readers to search for bitcoin robots and then can decide which one is best for them.

Lydian evaluates the customer service and expertise of each robot. Our clients can trade with confidence knowing that they have a solid customer support team available to assist them in any way they need. The reviewers also listed all of the ways clients could contact the customer service team via email, phone calls or social media.

We also review whether any educational resources are available for traders when we write a review of a bitcoin robot. This is crucial because many bitcoin robots claim that anyone can use their robots, regardless of how much experience they have.

Before we review any platform, we verify the claims. So that readers can make an informed decision, we provide a comprehensive overview of the educational support that these platforms offer. Robots that offer 24/7 online customer service or via phone get a high score. Robots that only provide customer service online for a limited time per day get low scores.

Lydian has different categories that we use to compare other bitcoin robots. Our reviews are also based on their creation date. Reviewers work tirelessly to make sure that reviews are current.

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