The Lydian™ Token

The Lydian™ Token will be an ERC20 protocol token, compatible with existing Ethereum – related infrastructure.

Users of the Lydian™ tokens will now have access to a new protocol called The Whisper Network. This alternative protocol to blockchain is a blockless ledger system that contains no cycles as it uses each transaction on its chain to solve the one prior. Lydian™ will be building two decentralized applications using their own Whisper Network Protocol. MonaChain™ will combat ad-fraud, while MonaBrowse™ will combat the rise of ad-blockers.

Lydian™ users will also be able to negotiate and transact their tokens to Lydian™ in exchange for state of the art marketing services provided by the DaVinci11™'s family of companies at set rates.

To read more about the Whisper Network's directed acyclic graph blockless ledger (DAG) click on our Future Tech section.

DaVinci11™ Marketing Cloud

Lydian™ provides access to the DaVinci11™ Marketing Cloud

The DaVinci Marketing Cloud is a unique marketing technology stack that, collates customer experiences, allowing marketers to target a customer throughout the entire purchase journey and across all touch-points, regardless of delivery channel. MonaLisa, its proprietary A.I. technology, aggregates data from multiple channels and uses DaVinci11™'s Marketing Cloud to build target consumer audiences. The platform's fluid, constant in-stream of data is sorted into a semantic graph, using correlation variables to form connection clusters.

Lydian™’s approach to effectively marketing
a token sale includes the following:

Custom audience campaigns across multiple programmatic platforms and devices, targeting audiences on social networks, search, blockchain communities, niche content, native supply, mobile, and video.

Although DaVinci11™’s Marketing Cloud is already providing services to Fortune 1000 companies and worldwide luxury brands, Lydian™ intends to focus on the burgeoning cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation space. Specifically, Lydian™ will provide tailored services for the following stages of the brand’s marketing needs:

Peer Review

Peer Review

The peer review phase is essential to identify "target audiences" of an initial blockchain product. This target audience can vary based on the objective, whether to target the proposed purchaser of a proposed digital token sale or help identify "peer communities" for feedback on the proposed digital token and/or product review. Depending on the target of the community being formed, some peer reviewers could become active participants (for example, acting as peer advisors).

Token Planning

Token Planning

A digital token sale marketing campaign may be multi-pronged and multi-faceted, and the DaVinci11™ Corporate Family provides full-service solution to determine the best combination of media channels to achieve digital token sale marketing campaign objectives. A digital token planning cycle may require up to two months to build brand messaging and market awareness. Initiating a token sale marketing campaign through Lydian™ enables aggregation of initial seed audience from peer reviews, investors, and consumers, and allows for context mapping of the product launch and aggregating timely feedback from the stakeholders.

Token Execution

Token Execution

During the chosen sale period of for the token, advertisements will be targeted & served at high frequencies across multiple platforms (potentially including display and mobile modalities) to reinforce the advertising message and build awareness quickly of the token sale. Target audience members would include only those likely to be potential purchasers or who have already shown interest in the proposed digital token sale.

Product Adoption

Product Adoption

As the blockchain company is ready to launch its product, the DaVinci11™ Corporate Family will assist in engendering a four-stage life cycle for its product adoption, commonly referred to as AIDA:

Awareness: Harness the brand feedback and engagement across channels & devices. Make any customer interaction & engagement actionable.

Interest: Understand when a consumer can be influenced. Leverage real-time audience persona, consumer habits, and customer’s brand loyalty value.

Desire: Utilize predictive algorithms to understand the transactional influx point of the consumers.

Action: Understand the analytics. Access lifetime value of customers to leverage and implement initiatives that extend the lifespan of a customer through brand loyalty, increased frequency of visits, purchases and development hyper-targeted marketing campaigns.