Advertising is the currency of the Internet. The Internet has been plagued with fake news and ad-fraud. Blockchain was supposed to solve the problems of security, efficiency, and true decentralization with real-world applications. It too has faltered. Mining currency is slow, expensive, and a waste of energy to generate consensus. The Whisper Network Protocol revolutionizes blockchain forever with the development of the fastest blockless directed acyclic graph ledger.

Lydian™ will be building the Whisper Network and then build its own two decentralized applications (MonaChain™ & MonaBrowse™), that affect a $230 billion advertising industry. Lydian™ will then license the Whisper Network to other industries similar to as other tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, and Intel.

This has the potential to change blockchain forever.

Introducing the Whisper Network. Changing Blockchain Forever.

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