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Lydian™: Ad-Blockers and BlockChain

Last year, in 2017, the internet advertising industry posted record revenues of $88 billion. With the current rise of the ad blockers, internationally, the loss of publisher revenue is pegged to cost $45 billion by 2020. This is a huge problem for the digital marketing industry as a whole, not only because the advertisers need the reach to market their products, but also because the publishers heavily rely on the ad revenue to provide the content for free. Needless to say, ad blocking is big deal, and it's only getting bigger.

Ad blockers pose a real threat to the digital marketing industry as a whole. The best way to tackle this issue is to address the concerns of the consumers and adjust the advertising strategy as a result. Therefore, the industry can overlook that the ad blockers exist because of the poor user experiences. It goes without saying that the publishers will need to address the underlying causes and utilize data for audience targeting, rather than to squeeze 20+ ads into a page. It would be wiser to declutter the content pages from the ad units, in order to improve the ad experience.

While there are many ongoing discussions to solve this problem in the industry, there are ways in which blockchain technology can provide a solid solution. Publishers are aware that the ad blocker usage exists across multiple demographic groups, it appears that younger, more affluent people tend to use them more. According to a study conducted comScore, millennials & high income consumers are more likely to use the ad blockers.  Instead of focusing on those users who are blocking ads, blockchain solutions can target the users who are willing to pay a small fee to access the premium content ad-free. This is one of the ways Team Lydian is using blockchain to combat the revenue loss within the digital advertising market. This is a product under development and known as MonaBrowse™, blockchain-based digital advertising solution, that will aid the publishers in recovering their diminishing revenues while providing the user with the ad-free experience they cherish.

MonaBrowse™ is a plugin that will provide an ad-free experience to the consumers while providing a new revenue stream to the publishers. This new payment concept will enable the use of the LydianCoin™ to gain access to the premium content. It also aims to provide consumers with ad-free web surfing experience while enabling publishers to recover their content fees. It also addresses the third critical stakeholder within the ecosystem, the advertiser; by providing enhanced viewability of the ads, which in turn builds stronger rapport between the consumer and the brand.

In the coming months, the Lydian™ developers plan to test the MonaBrowse™ with other platforms. These product test phases will include the use of cryptocurrency pay-per-usage fee, to access the premium content for a select duration of time.

Stay tuned as we bring you additional updates on these innovating product developments.

Team Lydian™

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